3 crucial B2B strategies to increase a company’s potential on LinkedIn

3 crucial B2B strategies to increase a company’s potential on LinkedIn


Ever since its inception, B2B marketing professionals have been trying to derive plenty of possibilities to be a marketing success on LinkedIn. With several professionals having their profiles on this platform, surely there is some method to tap potential leads, isn’t there?

Well, perhaps, there is a way to tap potential customers and convert them. The conventional LinkedIn advice doesn’t throw much light on mapping and converting leads. So, what should a marketer actually do?

Here are 3 B2B marketing strategies that can help marketing professionals get the best out of LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Pulse:

One great method to attract the right attention from leads is to post relevant content on LinkedIn Pulse — LinkedIn’s own blogging style platform. By regularly posting value-added content on this blogging platform, other members will be able to see the content and begin associating the company as an influencer and a relevant contributor to the industry. One need not be a great writer, but a 200 to a 300-word solution or problem-solving blog post could do the trick.

  • Create groups:

LinkedIn provides plenty of networking opportunities. One way to connect with industry experts and customers is by joining LinkedIn groups. As a marketer joins groups and interacts with its members, they might even come up with an idea for another group to be formed.

When a company starts its own group, they gain leadership and can post relevant content and solutions freely without any external intervention. As long as the posts aren’t like a sales advertisement, a company can carve a niche where their potential customers can gather and discuss.

  • Make a showcase page:

LinkedIn showcase pages are an awesome way to promote a brand or company. A marketer can segment their traffic generated through LinkedIn through these pages. If a company has its own company page directly linked to customers, then they are in a position to make their own Showcase page. Earlier, showcase pages were personalized for B2B companies to generate relevant leads and still relevant that way. They are simply another way to disseminate information about the brand and target customers interested in the product, service or solution.

Engaging with customers through LinkedIn is a huge process. One cannot expect overnight success by simply following these tips. A marketer needs to actively nurture customers, engage, and provide solutions that will keep them wanting for more.

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