Auditing your content is an absolute necessity. Here is why?

Auditing your content is an absolute necessity. Here is why?


A few activities in B2B marketing, such as email campaigns and lead generation, generate instant outcomes. Activities that generally involve direct interaction with customers and prospects generally yield instantaneous results.

While passive activities like content generation show result only after a certain period. However, a marketer could always expedite the process and generate results at a given time. One such way of doing it is to implement a content audit.

This marketing technique is the process of tracking, organizing, and re-editing all content matter produced by an organization.

Listed below are some of the reasons why an organization should conduct the content audit:

  • It is a money saver:

Most of the B2B content, be it video, white papers, blogs, and reviews, often ends up unused. If a company is sales-driven, then it is even worse as content generated only ends up languishing in some untouched folders.

By executing a content audit, marketers might even come across content or data that can be reused for new projects. Instead of starting from scratch, the audit can save them their time, energy, and money which could likely be distributed elsewhere.

  • A consistency is established in content strategies:

Marketing departments quite often rearrange and revise their internal software systems, content guidelines, goals, and email templates. At this juncture, a marketer decides what content to keep and what to discard. A marketer might also change the language; tweak guidelines for uploading it in the new system.

Once the auditing is done, a marketer has a great chance to understand and analyze what content did well and why. Furthermore, the data could later be used to create other marketing strategies going forward.

  • Increase in efficiency:

Unused content is bad but unable to find content is worse as it can impact progress and sales conversions. Most content generated is used by salespeople, but if they aren’t able to find the right content for their sales pitch, it can cause problems while dealing with leads and new customers.

Content audit lets marketers evaluate and identify the gaps as to why content goes unused. Maybe the sales professionals don’t know where to look for or the content generated is not that great enough. Whatever the reason, content audit ensures to clarify these problems thereby helping the company make good use of the information offered to them.

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