Four Best Strategies for Executing an Online Remarketing Campaign

Four Best Strategies for Executing an Online Remarketing Campaign


With internet technology unfailingly progressing every passing year, digital advertising progresses as well. One of the most important innovations in online advertising is remarketing. But what is remarketing and why is essential to every digital marketing strategy?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is designed to re-engage previous users — who visited the website earlier — by displaying tailored online advertisements to them that are relevant to the products or services and web pages they previously visited on the website, as they browse other web sites.

In brief, remarketing is displaying online ads about a company’s product or service on other websites to enhance web traffic and sales conversion.

Remarketing is a very powerful digital marketing technique only if the online campaigns are executed appropriately. Here are few best techniques to help marketers develop robust remarketing campaigns that result in boosting brand image and generating ROI:

  • Segmenting target audience:

Segmenting target audience lets digital marketers to customize ad messages, provide relevant and engaging ads to users in different stages of the conversion or purchase funnel.

The process of segmenting audience is relatively simple:

  1. Position diverse retargeting pixels on different pages of the site and;
  2. Then modify messages based on the level of engagement of each prospect/visitor.

Hence, when a user visits the main page, a marketer can target them with messages and online collaterals that impart brand awareness. If the visitors looked at the product/service page, a marketer can serve them with additional collaterals around their product/service offering.

  • A/B testing analytics:

A/B tests can offer marketing professionals the necessary data they require to run remarketing campaigns with high-performing ads. These tests provide marketers with actionable and measurable outcomes. A/B testing online marketing collateral will help marketers to ascertain the ideal combination of visuals and ad copy.

  • Enhanced online marketing collateral:

Banner ads play a significant role in determining the success of any remarketing campaign. Hence, it is essential that every digital marketer devotes enough time, resources and energy in developing attractive ads. Online banners should be simple yet attractive with not too much information cramped in it. The chances of an online banner to get noticed are high if a marketer employs bold colors, crisp messages and clickable icons.

  • Targeting based on demographics, geography and context

When a marketer targets their online advertisements with consideration for geography, context and demographics, they don’t waste their resources on prospects or new customers who aren’t relevant to their remarketing campaign.

Targeting augments the relevancy of any remarketing campaign by positioning appropriate advertisements in front of the right customer. Besides, it also reduces their marketing costs. Targeting is the best way to save money as it allows marketers to flash ads only to those customers who are relevant to the company.

Remarketing when employed appropriately, becomes a very potent tool in almost digital marketing campaigns.

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