Four Probable Trends in Mobile Applications sought after by many Digital Marketers this 2018

Four Probable Trends in Mobile Applications sought after by many Digital Marketers this 2018


The mobile app development industry is constantly developing and has been an unavoidable area of innovation with advanced technologies and approaches that is assisting several firms to stay put in the highly volatile and competitive market.

Development of mobile apps has witnessed a remarkable growth in the last few years with several companies recognizing that a mobile application in no longer a trivial investment.

Mobile apps are in fact advanced technical tools that help companies to escalate sales, expand in the market and also foster a great relationship with customers. ‘

Here is a list of 4 probable trends in mobile apps that is sought after many digital marketers in 2018:

  • Internet of Things (IoT):

It is a technology that embeds sensors, software, connectivity, electronics in various appliances, vehicles and other devices which enables these objects to operate automatically, control, connect and even monitor data.

Mobile devices and smartphones are used in abundance to syndicate data and thus, with the impending growth of IoT applications, there are chances that mobile apps will come into existence to manage devices from remote locations.

  • Cloud Computing:

Cloud computing technologies are a key influence in developing various digital marketing campaigns. This technology allows mobile apps to store essential data in a cloud space and process complex tasks seamlessly on mobile by getting the required data.

Such an approach offers genuineness, speed and privacy of mobile apps. Furthermore, it lets app developers to increase their collection and storage of inherent data or even conduct real-time evaluation of data related to customers.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

No customer would like to experience a bug while using an app or browsing the net on their smartphones – quick solution to this is the AMP. Google’s recent launch – AMP allows quick loading of mobile pages, thereby eliminating common bugs and technical glitches faced by users.

AMP is highly been sought after my many companies as it could help in smooth execution of content marketing strategies and also reduce backend bugs that impact SEO performance.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) Apps:

Till today, AR and VR have proved fruitful in the gaming and entertainment domain. These technologies are known to influence user experience to a greater level and hence considering its potential, several organizations are surely going to employ AR and VR in their product or service experience.

The sole reason for these technologies to grow in 2018 is its ability to offer engaging visual experience to users on mobile apps for the services or products they wish to purchase.

Mobile app development will continue to evolve at a greater pace and every company, in order to overcome competition, should by all means invest and capitalize in developing mobile apps that are surely going to fetch them the desired outcomes.

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