Four Prominent Content Marketing Trends that are sure to generate ROI

Four Prominent Content Marketing Trends that are sure to generate ROI


Every year seems to introduce a new set of content marketing trends which no marketing professional can ignore. But if a marketer hops on every marketing trend they come across, they did certainly get exhausted! Nevertheless, there are certain trends that require dire attention and if failed to implement, it could cost them a fortune.

At the start of 2018, several companies these days are looking forward to creating unique content marketing strategies that will not only be informative but also fetch good traffic to the web site. That being said, content marketing through native advertising or mobile phones, in either ways is ruling the roost.

Here are 4 content marketing strategies that are being discussed in most organizations:

  • Companies will invest in genuine and reliable content:

Original and genuine content is something that is mostly sought after by many organizations. Several IT and non-IT bigwigs have already invested $1 billion in genuine content. Valuable content, be it written or visual, is bound to keep target audience glued to the brand, while at the same time increasing brand loyalty and awareness.

  • Transparency in content — a must!

Facts and figures will play a crucial role in shaping genuine content. Customers these days are highly sensitive to information and have the ability to distinguish between what is authentic and fake.

Given the current circumstances of marketing campaigns, customers are venting their frustration with brand advertising, environmental claims, corporate social responsibility and other genuine concerns. Though these efforts have reaped the best outcomes for brands, this type of marketing is being perceived as highly dishonest.

Lack of genuine content can create gaps and hence plunge the brand into serious trouble.

  • Marketing budgets will rise:

Content marketing is relatively a crucial part of digital marketing. Companies are certain to spend millions of dollars in procuring a good content marketing module as it involves digital marketing analytics such as SEO, PPC and other audio-visual dynamics.

Content is no longer words and sentences, but has evolved beyond a greater margin.

  • Live videos will play a greater role in customer engagement:

Gone are the days when agencies pre-recorded videos and published them on social media such as YouTube and Facebook. Nowadays, consumers look forward to live interaction from brand representatives.

Facebook and YouTube have recently introduced live streaming to followers and subscribers. This is a great opportunity for marketers to directly promote their brand and engage with consumers.

According to a survey conducted by Livestream, 80% of respondents prefer live video to written content. This data presents marketers with a genuine chance to choose live videos as great marketing tools.

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