Google Analytics: Free Web Analytics by Google

Google Analytics: Free Web Analytics by Google


The web analytics is used to analyze the web data for better understanding of the usage of the website and measure the effectiveness of the website. In simple words, web analytics can be considered as a tool to measure the website traffic. But it is the most important tool for the digital and online marketing experts. It also helps in understanding the change in web traffic with changes made on the website. Web analytics generated the information such the number of visitors and page views, which is used to guide the marketing research.

Google Analytics is the free web analysis service offered by Google that is used to store and analyze the important data used to maintain the track related to the website traffic.

It uses a tracking code that is to be used with your website and whenever the site will be accessed Google will collect the information based on that tracking code. The tracking code is the JavaScript code that is embedded with every page of the website by the owner and the recorded data is transferred to the Google server.

Google Analytics is the most preferable and famous analytics service on the internet. Approximately 49.5% of top million website uses Google Analytics ( Google Analytics 360 a version of Google Analytics is used to track information for particular business users.

For mobile applications based on IOS and Android, an SDK Google Analytics for Mobile Apps can be used. Google Analytics can also record financial activities and performance such as website’s revenue produced due to money transactions. Google Analytics can also integrate AdWords to check the influence of online advertisement. Google Website Optimizer is useful for Marketer to successfully implement marketing strategy. Google offers free sources to learn Google Analytics and it also has certified partners for business support.

Google analytics is the most popular web analytics tools, 55% of the 10000 most popular websites use google analytics according to TechCrunch and according to Alexia 49.5% of the 100000 most popular websites used google analytics. Due to its popularity and easy understandability, google analytics is globally popular and accepted.

Google analytics is very easy to use, it has a perfect GUI based dashboard and there are various options for visualization of the data in different format. If you are a beginner in the field of digital marketing, you need to explore more detail about Google analytics.

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