How to use social bookmarking to enhance SEO results

How to use social bookmarking to enhance SEO results


Social bookmarking has long existed in the digital marketing space. It is, perhaps, one of the oldest off-page SEO practices that have been implemented by many companies. Well, just like any digital marketing technique, there are numerous approaches to use social bookmarking techniques appropriately.

Woking mechanism:

It is very similar to webpage bookmarking. For a better understanding, social bookmarking is the Yellow pages for links. It also a method for people to record, manage, organize, and search bookmarks of certain web pages. Users make use of social bookmarking websites to store the links they like or would want to share. It is a desirable form of SEO that lets a user have a hyperlink from a social bookmarking website to their own website to enhance traffic and increase their ratings.

How to use it?

By using social bookmarking the right way a marketer will be in a position to channel a large amount of web traffic to their website or blog page. For this strategy to work out, a marketer should ensure that their websites are updated with the latest information and data. Customers are always intrigued and delighted when they come across unique and value-added content. This will further spark their interest levels and motivate them to visit the company website.

If the content offered is highly informational and from personal experience, a company can also get word of mouth referrals that can be measured.

It is not a search engine!

Social bookmarking sites are likened to search engines as users are constantly looking for specific information or in need of something niche. However, they are not search engines in any such way. What differentiates a social bookmarking website from popular search engines is that these websites are individually managed by users and not search engine bots.

A content, product, service, or solution is ranked based on the feedback received from customers. In this case, the customers directly vote for the product, service, or article they find useful and share it with others on different forums, and the new user votes for it.

In conclusion, social bookmarking strategy generates great SEO results, especially when used smartly. It is not only used for driving web traffic to articles but also to blog posts, product pages, and even videos

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