Is predictive maintenance to inbuilt software solutions vital?

Is predictive maintenance to inbuilt software solutions vital?


A poorly maintained software solution, especially for an automobile or production industry, can negatively impact the operations and business functions in an organisation. It is understood that a periodic maintenance of software solution is highly essential to ensure seamless flow of operations.

Any glitch or a bug within a software solution can hamper the entire work-flow process of the company. Besides, a slow software solution can also displease and demotivate employees leading them to perform poorly on projects and other assignments.

Maintenance of software solutions is of three types – corrective, preventive and predictive. Each of these maintenance services vary at larger extent as each software solution is unique and requires maintenance as per its capacity.

Of all the maintenance services, companies generally avoid corrective maintenance services as it revolves around high downtime. It is expensive and can be implemented only if the software or application falls apart.

Why predictive maintenance?

It is the most progressive forms of application maintenance. Although it is complex in nature, predictive maintenance services help companies to scrutinize the real-time condition of the application software, such as asset failure or issues related to quality, on a closer note and then predicting its remaining life.

These services ensure to avoid expensive downtime and also reduce maintenance costs.

Driven by predictive analytics, these services have the capacity to notice even minor differences to ascertain the assets and functional processes that are at the huge risk of failure and problems. This initial identification of potential problems helps the company to gather necessary resources more cost effectively, manage operations thereby improving the performance of employees.

Here is how it helps further:

  • It predicts the possible probabilities of why the problem or failure has occurred.
  • It is quick enough to identify the variables that are/is the root cause of the problem.

By having a better understanding of software or application performance and quality, predictive maintenance services ensures to:

  • Minimize issues pertaining to quality and reliability of the software.
  • Predict warranty claims to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operation costs by improving/upgrading the overall performance of the application

Predictive maintenance of applications or software could be slightly expensive, but the results rendered through the services can save companies from unforeseen losses and risks which are way more expensive than maintenance services.

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