Managing Brand Reputation through these Five Landing Page Styles

Managing Brand Reputation through these Five Landing Page Styles


Online reputation management is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy as it entails the brand, customer preferences and company standards.

A healthy online brand reputation is something that all potential prospects and new consumers seek before entering into the purchase cycle. After all, a good brand image spells credibility and quality to many consumers. Moreover, an effective online reputation management offers marketers with opportunities to monitor their consumer and insights on augmenting brand awareness.

Utilizing landing pages is one such way to build brand reputation online as these web pages are capable of allocating rank to the brand name. Furthermore, landing pages play a crucial role in generating web traffic and leads.

Here is an insight on 4 kinds of landing pages a marketer could develop focusing on brand-related keywords, lead and reputation management:

  • Introductory landing page:

This kind of landing page guides leads to the website further and familiarizes them with the brand on a greater level. The information on this page should me small, crisp and should enlist details that act as “Point of Sale” for consumer decision making in the purchase cycle.

A “start here” or “About Us” landing page gives a marketer the chance to completely control the information and, thus, their brand image.

  • “Yet to be launched” or “coming soon” landing page

This kind of landing page creates excitement and enthusiasm among potential customers to revisit the website over and over again. The “coming soon” landing page should have relevant details about the product or service launch and contact details for further correspondence.

Marketers can make use of web analytics and other digital marketing tools to generate increased web traffic to the “coming soon” page.

  • Temporary landing pages:

Also known as minisite landing pages and are highly recommended by digital marketing experts as emphasizes on what is important and trending at the moment. For instance, Holiday Sale offers and discount pages are some landing pages that are not always trending in prominent retail or ecommerce websites but is  when the situation so demands.

  • Social media landing pages:

Social media platforms are the best way to gain attention from leads and new customers, but it can be completely detached from landing pages and even the general content marketing strategies.

However, using social media reduces the hassle of customers visiting each and every social media page of the company. Similarly, a social media landing page will collaborate all online marketing campaigns into one page, thus making it relatively easier for customers to navigate and access campaigns they are on a lookout for!

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