React Native: A look into new cross platform App development

React Native: A look into new cross platform App development


In 2007 with the launch of IPhone by Apple, there begin a new era of smart phones. Smart phones are all you need and all you can imagine in your palm. Smartphones are one of the most influential invention ever made by humans.

It brought a whole new life to humankind. In today’s time there have been a lot of innovation and development for smartphone making them eligible to be called as super smart. With the rise of smart phone era there emerged a new industry of application development.

The two smart phone operating system Android and IOS holds largest app stores with various types of application. The methods of application development also evolved along with time.

Traditional application development methods and tools were more complex and had tedious job to be done and it was never platform independent. Platform is referred to set of configuration which include different hardware and software aspects. A new term was introduced ‘cross platform’ into world of application development with new development approach to achieve goal of platform independency.

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