Three Authentic Digital Target Marketing Strategies.

Three Authentic Digital Target Marketing Strategies.


The general objective of assessing market segments is to select multiple segments to enter. Selection of a target market is the choice of which and the number of market segments the organization will set its foot in. While selecting a target market, organizations should make a choice of whether they would cater to a niche segment or general market.

The choice that an organization makes at this stage will help it determine its marketing mix and product or service positioning. Listed below are the three authentic digital target marketing strategies that a company can assimilate in their fold:

  • Broad differentiated target marketing:

This is a digital marketing strategy that caters to B2C domains. In this segment, the customer base is vast and the company keeps no track of who their audience is and what their preferences are. For instance, if they are running a social media campaign, the target audience for this campaign would not have a specific buying intention but would view the post or ad as a general audience. This targeting strategy is not very great in executing B2B marketing campaign because the basis of targeting customers is how they are segmented.

  • Niche digital marketing:

A company can determine several segments but not serve them all. This is because each segment is different and may not respond in a collective manner. This targeting strategy works well for a B2B marketing set up and organizations with limited resources.  Niche digital marketing strategies let R&D expenses to be focused on meeting the needs of one set of buyers and marketing campaigns are devoted to comprehending and catering to their demands.

A marketer can design simple strategies and blast it either through PPC or social media. Niche digital marketing strategy is tremendously effective due to its minimal reach and high engagement rate.

  • The personalized target marketing effort:

In a few markets, the preferences, demands, and needs of individual buyers vary. Their buying behavior is enough to make strategizing marketing mix a separate activity by itself. Here in this digital marketing strategy, a marketer has to conduct a comprehensive market research to know what the customer prefers.  This target digital marketing strategy caters to the niche segment and B2B segment. Personalized target marketing is closely associated with a good business relationship with the company and customer due to the high value of a specific order and sales efforts.

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