Three effective tips to execute a social media campaign

Three effective tips to execute a social media campaign


Marketers often experience a creative drought – the inability to think differently under deadlines – and the condition further exacerbates when the event for the campaign is around the corner. Poor collection of data resources, essential marketing collateral, and a feeble strategic plan for a major campaign execution can reduce marketing ROI.

A badly executed campaign has the potential to even drive away leads and prevent new customers from investing in the product or service. Hence, it is essential to pre-plan and check all parameters before entering the marketing battlefield.

Here are three methods a marketer can come up with more creative social media campaigns to successfully achieve their business objectives:

  • Interacting with customers:

The best method to receive first-hand input about executing a marketing strategy is to interact with immediate customers to know what the current trend is. Lending an ear to their preferences, and reviewing their comments on social media platforms can offer marketers a fair idea on how to execute a campaign.

Collecting feedback from customers and analyzing them distinctly will also provide marketers with a good opportunity to execute personalized campaigns for a niche segment. Although, this task is time-consuming but with proper planning and decision making one can derive the best outcomes through customer responses.

  • Follow competitor strategy:

Imagine a company running a similar social media campaign as their competitor, how shoddy would it look before its target audience. This usually happens with startups and organizations that have recently entered the digital space. Instead of stealing competitor strategies, a marketer must simply follow them and tweak certain ideas to give it a brand-new perspective.

  • Consult digital marketing experts:

For novices, consulting marketing experts for advice on executing a social media campaign can be beneficial. Keeping track of customer matrices, performance indicators, and social media analytics is very tricky at first and only an expert can guide newcomers. Any error while executing campaigns can only be handled by experts.

Executing a digital marketing campaign requires accuracy and advanced planning of ideas. It may seem easy to implement initially but keeping a track of various measurability scores and performance index is equally vital. For an amateur in the digital marketing industry, it is best to seek expert advice before executing a campaign.

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