Twitter chats – the untouched area in the digital marketing space

Twitter chats – the untouched area in the digital marketing space


With over 300 million users active on Twitter – both young and old, this social media platform is becoming easier for many marketing professionals to boot and launch essential product and service campaigns.

Starting up a Twitter page is simple. What is not easy, however, is growing the Twitter account and transforming it into a marketing tool that generates leads and develops the brand.

Having a good following on this platform is more than just sending tweets whenever a company has something new to offer. It is more about engaging with the right customers and interacting with them. The reach on Twitter is powerful. A marketer can unravel new opportunities to expand the business if they learn about using this fast-paced social media platform.

What sets Twitter apart from the rest?

Twitter is more of interaction based. It need not necessarily be about uploading content like Facebook and Instagram. This platform thrives off communication and in order to make the best use of this platform, one has to constantly tweet for getting the right traction.

Companies use Twitter for:

  • Sharing news, information, and content about company and industry
  • Interacting with leads
  • Branding the product or service
  • Ensuring customer engagement during online promotions
  • Connecting with influencers and industry leaders

What about Twitter chats?

Generating followers on Twitter is a challenge. It is a meticulous task. Followers only grow when a company actively engages with the target audience on the platform. One of the best yet undiscovered ways to increase active followers is by using Twitter chats.  It helps people connect to the brand on a much closer note.

The reason why Twitter chats are worthwhile is that users who participate in them are the ones that enjoy interacting and engaging with on Twitter. People don’t use it to disseminate content and simply share it on their page. These are the types of people who are going to respond to tweets, retweet, and spread the brand message.

To begin with, a marketer should search for Twitter chats that pertain to their industry. If they fail to locate any, they should start their own. Getting followers or people to chat will surely take some time.

Another best method to engage in Twitter chats is to respond to other chatters. Once that is done, try connecting and following those users. In this way, marketers are likely to get a good Twitter following.


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