Why Incident Management is Essential in Application Maintenance?

Why Incident Management is Essential in Application Maintenance?


One of the many ways for a business to maintain its competitive edge in the market and to stay ahead of times is to utilize several software solutions to enhance productivity and ensure seamless enterprise operations.

As more and more companies introduce software solutions to ensure smooth flow of activities, it is but natural that newer programs with more progressive features replace obsolete solutions, while current software solutions undergo further modifications in order to suit changing company requirements.

But, complete replacement of existing software solution might not be a feasible option as it is time consuming and expensive, which is why a periodic maintenance of software applications is vital in this rapidly volatile market conditions.

Application maintenance ensures proper working of solutions and entails the modification and upgrading of internal features of the existing software to guarantee smooth functioning of operation activities within and outside the company.

Incident management is an essential application maintenance process which helps the user identify and resolve bugs, which causes the software solution to malfunction, when certain set of conditions occur. The malfunction in the system is often referred to as an incident.

Procedures involved in incident application management:

  • Identification of bugs or incidents which disrupts the proper functioning of the software
  • Using existing test data patterns to evaluate current tasks
  • Standard testing – application of unit tests
  • Code reviews

Normally, the best incident management services rendered always address myriad scenarios by offering the best response to changing situations. In other words, the right incident management service has the ability to evaluate diverse special needs.

Here is why incident management is essential in application maintenance:

  1. Besides identifying and resolving bugs, incident management services are known to assist users in creating incident reports and update details which are necessary in future modification of software solutions. The reports generated are accurate and precise, hence brushing aside any additional uncertainty or discrepancy while modifying the software.
  2. The robust services ensure to prevent internal recurring hazards that often interrupt the working of the software solution. Incident management also guarantees that such hazards don’t reoccur in the future.
  3. Incident management in application maintenance is equipped to handle emergencies, especially when there is a loss of data or invalidation in operations.
  4. Be it an application or service, incident management is quick in resolving bugs, inexpensive and offers real time management of multiple resources.

An effective incident management service or application can swiftly reduce the chances of disruptions in crucial business operations. It offers convenience to cross-functional departments across any organisation, thus making it a worthy and lasting experience for companies in the long-run.

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